Terra Shilohs


Greta was born June 6,2014. She is growing into a wonderful dog. She is beautiful and has the temperament to match. She loves people so much, you just look in her direction and her tail wags and wags. Once all her health testing is complete  she will be bred. Fingers crossed for late summer.


Marco  was bred at New Zion Kennels in western New York. He is very intelligent- often reminding us of a cross between Rin Tin Tin and Lassie. He has an innate ability to recognize when someone is sick, old, or frail. He is gentle and friendly to all and passed his temperament test with a score of 100%. He is a beautiful example of the breed and  obtained his Championship in just three shows! Marco was named Grand Victor 2014 at Homecoming this year. This is the top honor and only one is awarded for each sex per year!