Fiona  is my pup out of Leah/Z. She has so much personality and what a brainiac.As a puppy I would regularly find her out of her pen, she even learned how to open carabiner clips. She does not do that any more thank goodness. Recently she ran out of water in her bucket, no problem for this girl, she reached into the next pen and tilted that water bucket into her pen, so smart! She just turned two in October and if all health testing is passed she will be bred.

Terra Shilohs

Ariana is my angel. She is the most gentle loving dog. She has not met a human or dog that she does not love. She is a full sister to Greta but from a later litter. I wish I could clone her. She is pending health testing hopefully complete November 2016. Will be bred if passes the remainder of health testing.

Rosie is my youngest, she was born July 3,2015.Poor girl has been through several name changes Munchkin, Emmy and now Rosie. She is a Coco/ Marco pup. Friendly, outgoing and confident. She loves everyone . She is developing into quite the stunner. Kisses are her speciality