Terra Shilohs

Ariana is my angel. She is the most gentle loving dog. She has not met a human or dog that she does not love. I wish I could clone her. I have brought her to nursing homes and she is a natural, going up to residents sitting quietly to be pet. She has a mischievous side too. She and Rose are often partners in crime! She will be bred to the magnificent Marco Spring 2019

​Rosie is my youngest, she was born July 3,2015.Poor girl has been through several name changes Munchkin, Emmy and now Rosie. She is a Coco/ Marco pup. Friendly, outgoing and confident. She loves everyone . She has developed into quite the stunner. Kisses are her speciality. She is so much fun! She is planned for Breeding with Gabriel in 2019. I will post updates on the planned litter page as things progress