Terra Shilohs

Some Things To Know

     The breed, as originally intended, includes only ISSR registered dogs. There are other registries out there- please avoid them as they do not follow the breed founder's vision. This breed was started and nurtured until her death by Tina Barber- she dedicated her life to the formation and improvement of her breed. Only ISSR breeders have promised to remain true to her vision.

       Puppies are a product of Mother Nature. The number of puppies, sex, color, coat, size, quantity, and quality are not in the control of the breeder. We do our best to produce healthy, beautiful puppies with great temperaments. We can't guarantee a specific puppy on any given litter. If you want a plush dark brown sable female that is breed quality you may not get it on your first litter. Patience is a must- but the wait is well worth it.

      All breeders follow the same guidelines as to the price of our puppies. Pet quality and pet-up quality dogs are $1550, breed quality dogs are $2250 and Show quality dogs are $3250. Please understand pet quality dogs are beautiful, and unless you are a breeder you would usually not know the difference. A single white hair on a dog's tail may mean the difference between a pet quality dog and a breed quality dog. For example, I obtained Marco as a pet-up quality dog. He has gone on to win dog shows and obtain his championship and is a beautiful specimen of the breed. Unless you are interested in breeding a dog, pet quality is fine.

      Get familiar with the breed- read and learn as much as you can. Meet some dogs in person- breeders as well as many pet owners are always ready to show off their dogs.