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I am a breeder of Shiloh Shepherd dogs located in South Salem, NY, a small community about one hour North of Manhattan. My involvement with the breed started twenty years ago when I got my first Shiloh Shepherd puppy Max. He was a most remarkable dog- smart beyond belief, gentle with all, in short a fantastic dog. I was smitten with the breed. When Max passed at age 12 I was so shaken I said I would never own a dog again. Of course that did not last. I could not bear the thought of looking  at another dog that would remind me of my Max so I ended up with 2 cockapoos. I love my Rusty and Jake but came to realize these  dogs did not measure up to a Shiloh Shepherd.  I began my search for my next Shiloh, it took me quite some time to find the dog for me. I just could not make up my mind -they all looked wonderful, but I was so afraid I would end up dog that would be a poor imitation of my Max. I was paralyzed-I could not decide on a litter.  Finally after driving the breeder crazyI picked a litter- Hope/ Quest. I left all the rest up to the breeder and she picked me the perfect puppy- Marco. We named him Marco on the ride home- he was exploring everything- hence Marco Polo.Marco is in no way a poor imitation of my first Shiloh Max.  I think he is even smarter than Max and I did not think that was possible! I am also a proud owner of  Greta , Fiona, Ariana and Rosie.

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Terra Shilohs

 These dogs are bred to be loyal family companions as well as to excel in various arenas. They are used in search and rescue, and as therapy dogs, herding dogs, and service dogs. ISSR Shiloh Shepherds are intelligent, gentle, loving, beautiful dogs. We have a saying in the Shiloh community, "Shilohs are like potato chips- you can't have just one." There is a reason for that saying- these dogs are special. During my life I have owned many other breeds -Dobermans, Springer Spaniels, Collies, and American Bulldogs. While I have loved all my dogs, none but the Shilohs have pulled at my heartstrings in such a special way. The intelligence of these dogs is uncanny- I have never seen the like! Please click on my links to learn about this breed and feel free to contact me- I love to talk about these magnificent dogs.

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         Loyal to the breed founder Tina Barber


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